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Killing Of Christians In Nigeria: I Have Lost My Peace — 18 Comments

  1. There are just no words. Jesus, come soon. How can this happen? These are not humans. They are not even animals, as animals would not do this to themselves. This is satanic. Satan himself.

  2. In the Western Media, the atrocity which happened against unarmed Muslims in two mosques at the hands of a demoniac who was a white supremacist resulting in 50 dead and many others injured has received wide coverage … Yet … the atrocities committed against unarmed Christians by Islamic Imperialists hardly gets a mention. Far more Christians are killed by armed Islamic Terrorists than any unjust attacks against unarmed Muslims by similar blood thirsty cowards.

    • “Islamic imperialists” lol, don’t make me laugh. It is western Christian imperialists who are doing all the slaughtering of Muslims in the middle east. America is fighting wars in the middle east for the Oded Yinon plan.

    • Andreas i reply to you about the news spread in New Zealand about the atrocity in Christchurch as our atrocity, I am sorry for these other countries, BUT for me as well as other New Zealanders this is our first of this sort of anger, and as you can see we handle our heartbreak with love and embrace these people not the religion, it could have been a christian church but it was’nt so that is why we cover these people with love NOT revenge LOVE GOES A LONG WAY. AND AS A NZ MAORI I SAY KIA KAHA CHRISTCHURCH which in maori means STAND STRONG.

  3. Please Dear Abba, your children cry for your justice and righteousness. Thy kingdom come and thy will be done. Thank You Father. In Jesus’s Holy name, amen!

    • I wonder how you know that Islam is a false doctrine,Did god tell you personally, I was a born baptised catholic which is a main branch of christianity, where priests molested children, and that has been proven as a fact not a hearsay, so when did God in his wisdom come tell you muslims were bad people, I have already told you of a christian branch been naughty and it has been proven beyond doubt, But it has not been proven muslims are evil.I wish I was as in the know as you are but alas nahhhhhh!

  4. Satan’s ideology is Islam. Muslim’s are following a false doctrine. Satan rules the world until Jesus Christ the living God son returns to deliver all the faithful from this evil. Keep the faith. They do not win in the end. Satan knows his fate is the eternal hell fires. He is trying to use this insane ideology to take as many of you poor souls with him. Do not allow it. Fall on your knees and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour! He is the way the truth and the light. No one comes to the father except through belief in the Lorth Jesus Christ who shed his blood on the cross to save you from your sins

    • Muslim revere Jesus as a prophet, if their religion is evil, yours is too. You seem to forget that it is Christian countries bombing Muslim countries in the middle east, millions have died or been displaced, any prayers for them?

      • I have a good book recommendation for you if your brave enough to read it “Seeking Allah finding Jesus”
        Jesus said he was the son of god so that leaves us with three choices, He was either crazy , a liar, or was actually the son of God. no other label fits, not prophet

  5. Christian mean only for to die from other hand… we Christian also can killed which is going to injure us..

  6. May the God of Mercy bestow upon these Martyrs the crown of everlasting life..May their Guardian Angels comfort them in their afflictions, May the early Christian Martyrs support them in their prayers.Long Live Christians.

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